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Project Description
A Windows Home Server (v1 and 2011) add-in for the Serviio UPnP/DLNA media server ( NOTE: The default download is the installer for WHS v1. If you have WHS 2011, click on "View all Downloads" to access that installer.


Major Features

  • DLNA/UPnP Media Server for streaming content to networked PCs, TVs, Blu-Ray Players, Game Consoles, etc.
  • Stream your networked media files (music, video or images)
  • Stream online media sources (online feeds, live streams or web resources)
  • Transcodes and formats media as required (and ONLY as required) for your specific device
  • Free!!
  • See the full list of features on the Serviio Features Page

New & Noteworthy in 0.6.1

  • WHS 2011 support
  • Support for online content
  • Significantly improved support for specific DLNA/UPnP devices
  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Much more! See the release notes below.

Links to Important Information

Note that I will be adding the ability to manage online resource plug-ins to the add-in soon. For now, though, you will need to manage the list of plug-ins (essentially text files with "groovy" scripts) manually using Advanced Admin Console or remote desktop. Simply add or remove files from the C:\Program Files\Serviio\plugins folder on your server.

Please report any issues in the discussions section and/or add issues to the tracker. Issues with Serviio Media Server itself (i.e., everything NOT related to configuring the server using the add-in) should be directed to the support forums at And in general, please provide suggestions for future releases and let me know what you think.


  • For WHS v1, you should add the downloaded MSI file to your server's Software/Add-Ins shared folder and start the console.
  • For WHS 2011, you only need to execute Serviio.WHS2011.Setup.wssx (either on your PC or on the WHS box).
  • The add-in and the Serviio media server are separate products and have separate installs. HOWEVER, the add-in will detect whether you have the media server installed and offer to install it for you if not. So this is a one-stop, console-only solution for running Serviio on WHS.
  • For now, anyway, the console is only designed for Serviio Media Server v0.6.1 (or later). It will not allow you to manage any prior version. There is no technical reason for this, though, so if there is a strong outcry, I can allow the add-in to manage servers down to the original v0.5.2.
  • The add-in will not automatically remove the Serviio media server component if you remove the add-in. You will need to uninstall it using the "About" tab or use remote desktop (or something like Advanced Admin Console).
  • For WHS v1, BE SURE to uninstall any old version of this plug-in prior to copying the MSI to the Add-Ins folder.

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