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Serviio Installation

Aug 8, 2011 at 10:17 PM

I am not sure I am clear on the installation. I have serviio msi add in installed and working on my WHS v 1 server and it seems to be working well. The info in the downloads tab seems to convey I also need serviio installed on my PC? Is this a correct assumption event though its working? I am having  transcoding issues and I cant access the config file to enable logging within the log4j.xml file so the serviio fols can help write a profile for my device but as I understand the new version of Serviio for WHS will have this function? What advantage is there to having serviio installed on PC as well as server? I like the install on the server because the PC can be off and I can stream music.

Aug 8, 2011 at 11:27 PM

No, there's nothing to install on the PC. Not sure what implies that, but you can safely ignore it. :)

You should be able to access log4j.xml and profiles.xml using your windows pc. Simply open up a windows explorer window (e.g., click on "My Computer"). Then in the address bar (same place as a web browser) type in:

\\MyServerName\c$\Program Files\Serviio\config

Obviously use your own server name. The c$ is a "hidden" shared folder that you SHOULD have access to. If it asks for a user id and password, use "Administrator" and your Windows Home Server's password.

If that doesn't work, then you can use Remote Desktop to connect to your WHS. Press Win+R (or click on Start / Run... if you have WinXP), type "mstsc" and press enter (stands for "MicroSoft Terminal Services Client" which is the old name for Remote Desktop). This should bring up a dialog box that asks for your computer name. Enter the name of the home server and click Connect. Log in using the "Administrator" user id and your home server's password. You should then be looking at a desktop. Open up My Computer and navigate to C:\Program Files\Serviio\config.

Incidentally, make sure you use a text editor like Notepad to open the configuration files. Double clicking on them by default opens them in Internet Explorer, which won't allow you to edit them.